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Space in fridges is always tricky. A great deal more space can be created if you have drinks, or at least wine, in another chilled space.

You may think a wine fridge is a luxury but they have differences that need to be taken into consideration. They promote a more continuous and even temperature level because they are not being opened as often as your normal fridge. They have specific technology that minimises humidity. This sits at around 70% in a normal fridge.

Traditional fridges are built with mostly food storage in mind. Wine fridges have specific shelving to complement the space.

Better wine fridges have area specific temperature control. You can chill something you wish to drink this evening in a colder row and have other bottles that are for another time on a different row which isn’t as cold.

Will your new wine fridge be a centre piece in the outdoor entertaining area or will it live under a bench in the garage? Either way, there are varied sizes that will complement your lifestyle.

If you are creating a new entertaining area perhaps think about having your wine fridge built in. This will complement the space nicely and give a crisp look to the new area. If you are thinking about this, also consider getting a wine fridge with a glass door. They make any area look very sleek and really set the tone for the entertaining hub of the house.

Wine fridges are built more sturdy to combat outside elements such as wind, rain and warmth.

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