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Overseas, washer/dryer combos are very popular. Their main attraction is their space saving initiative. In places where apartment and flat living are the main source of dwelling, they are essential.

Especially in Europe, a lot of the established housing does not have provision for a laundry so it is incorporated in the kitchen. So, if you can picture, the dishwasher sits next to the front loader sits next to the dryer, or a washer/dryer comb. This is not exclusive just to Europe though. It is also become more prevalent in smaller accommodation in Australia.

People who own washer/dryer combos often wash at different times too, as opposed to those who own tops loaders who start the cycle during the day and hang the washing out when the cycle is finished. Washer/dryer combo people often set their wash/dry to when they know it will be convenient to fold their load as when it finishes it will be dry so it is very much a complete laundry event. It is more suited to maximise the time of the user. Some people like to wash/dry overnight and fold and put away first thing in the morning. It provides a great deal of flexibility.

Not all laundry manufacturers have a washer/dryer combo so the choice is limited and as per usual in this domestic appliance market, you will pay for what you get. Look for quality attachments, comprehensive back up service and a lengthy warranty.

Ideal situations for a Washer/Dryer Combo 

• Homes that have limited space available
• Holiday homes where washing is not as urgent
• Cooler climate where drying clothes can be difficult
• Owners that may have disability issues and cannot hang washing easily