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Free standing upright ovens are commonplace.

They cover a range of needs to complement your cooking style. They incorporate the oven, cooktop and often the grill. You can have gas and/or electric combinations and they come in a range of sizes.

Uprights can also suit a specific theme in your kitchen.  You can have an agar type upright to complement your country feel or a certain colour to add a pop to your funky kitchen style.

The measurements available these days are 600, 700, 750 and 900mm.  They are also available in varied configuration such as gas oven, ceramic cooktop or perhaps you prefer electric oven with induction cooktop. They are a really good option if you don’t want to limit your choice of cooking style.

Freestanding uprights are the popular choice for rental properties and they are often cost effective and come with so many choices of power and size.