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In days gone by, televisions were bought basically on size alone. They all did the same thing. Technology choices lead the way these days. TV’s are interactive with other devices, are used as gaming monitors and computer screens. You start to wonder who is just watching TV anymore.


This is one of the latest incarnations. The clarity and definition is solely due to the fact that each pixel can turn on and off simultaneously. The casing is extremely thin and the picture is unmistakable. The colours pop like on no other TV.


There are only minor differences between the two. LCD’s use cold cathode fluorescent lamps to create its backlighting and LED’s have smaller lights that produce diodes for their backlighting.


Ultra high definition produces 4 times the amount of picture definition of full HD. It’s screen display is incredibly precise. It’s ability to highlight greater detail with larger images on screen is fantastic.


This is the best innovation to hit the TV world since colour. Smart TV’s have inbuilt technology that allows you to stream media, be socially interactive, use Skype, web browse, play games and a whole host of other applications. Using a Smart TV is similar to using your phone.


If you enjoy watching your movies and really being part of the action, then 3D is the thing for you. You still need the special glasses to participate though.