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Top mount fridges are very common. They enjoy great popularity. There are a few key advantages that make them so attractive. Price wise they are often the least expensive. It is a electrical appliance that many suppliers seem to be involved in so the range is extensive and the prices are keen. This translates to good bargaining power for the customer.

Not only are the cheap to buy, they are also cheap to run. Check the energy ratings that accompany the choice of top mount fridges.

Another added option of a lot of top mount fridges is there interchangeable door opening sides. No matter where you live or the configuration of your kitchen, many top mount fridges can have the side the door is opened changed to suit the customer’s needs. A great option for renters. Make sure you check this is an option before purchasing.

The fun thing with top mounts is because they are less expensive to manufacture, you may be able to order your fridge in a different colour, really adding to your design flair in the kitchen. You could do a kitchen renovation and make the fridge the main focus, choosing colour variations around it to make a real statement.

Before you get all excited about a new fridge that will open either side in the colour red that will be cheap to run, measure the fridge cavity in the kitchen. That will be the determining factor in your choice of fridge. However, it is the most common cut out size so there shouldn’t be any problem.