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You may wonder why you would need a steam mop as opposed to a mop and bucket. There are a few key points that makes the steam mop a very practical appliance.

You do not add detergents to these units. They run at high water temperatures thanks to an internal boiler. The higher the water temperature, the more hygienic and sanitising the clean.  This makes the steam mop really attractive for those who suffer from allergies and don’t like to use added detergents. It also combats minute bacterias and dust mites from hiding and multiplying.

Features to look for

Sizable water tank
Water tanks in different models vary. The bigger, the better. It may make the mop seem smaller and better for storage but bear in mind, you will have to fill the tank more often.

Telescopic wand
Different models have different features. If you are taller you may wish to look at a unit with a wand that can be extended.

Length of cord
The longer the cord, the better.

Ready to use indicator
This will alert you when the mop is at its optimum temperature ready for use.