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Irons have changed over the years and no longer is it a tiresome, all-consuming job.

With the advent of steam stations, steam irons and garment steamers, all you have to do is work out which one is right for you and your lifestyle.

Considerations you need to give are your ironing habits, how much you have and the garments which you mainly iron. Some iron options can be quite heavy so take their portability into account.


Irons are usually pretty light to carry from the laundry to wherever you are doing the job, they are portable, but take into account that some steam stations may be fairly heavy so check the weight before realizing its too heavy.

The litmus test for the quality of the iron is its wattage. The more wattage the more power. The more power, the quicker the creases will disappear. Less time for the ironer.

Make sure you get all the settings in an iron you require. This will range from delicates, nylon, polyester and cotton. These settings take all the guess work out of how hot or cool you need the iron to be. It will help keep your clothing intact.

A steam iron weighs the least of all so it won’t add any pressure to your back.


Aluminum - Transfers heat well, they need to be cleaned regularly to guard against rust and stains.

Non – stick - They glide well but are easily damaged Stainless steel - Very durable and maneuvers easily

Palladium - Moves better that aluminum soleplates but generally doesn’t have a long life.

Ceramic - Is the pick of the bunch. Moves easily, requires little maintenance and should last a while.

Steam Iron Station

Steam stations are the market leader when it comes to wattage and steam pressure. They emit 2 times the steam as a normal steam iron. From example, a doona covers would take much less time to iron. Because of the elevated level of steam a steam station can generate, you can fold garments or linen in two and iron with a crease as opposed to having to go over each part of the item you are ironing.

There is no getting away from steam stations being heavier than traditional irons but bear in mind, it’s only the base, not the iron itself. Conventional irons need filling several times if ironing several things. Steam station generally have big water reservoirs, you should only need to fill up once.

Garment Steamers

These are also a very usable item but bear in mind, their uses are limited. Garment steamers are only good for delicate items, including shirts, blouses, lightly woven pants, silk, nylon and line. This will not do a doona cover, heavy denim etc. However, if it is the right ironing system for you, just make sure the cord has a good length on it.