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Electric shavers and portable shavers are very popular because they are so cost efficient. Shaver blades are very expensive and are not always readily available so a good shaver can be an investment.

Ladies shavers

It is so convenient to have a ladies’ shaver on hand and they come with quite a few accessories to make them even more user friendly. Some models can be used wet or dry so handy if you prefer to shave in the shower. Attachments like bikini trimmers and storage cases as well as moisturising strips and flexible trimmers and cleaning brushes.

Men’s shavers

These also come in electric or cordless models and come with many added extras to maximise your personal grooming needs. Some better models have finishes like titanium fittings and anti slip grip as well as world-wide adaptability, shaving time indicator, travel locks and trimmers for those tiny places, not to mention multi directional heads and quick charge options for busy mornings.