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Robotic vacuums make sense for busy households. They also outsource another job. Are they worth it? Do they do a good job? Find out whether a robotic vacuum cleaner works in your home.

How good are robotic vacuums?

The premise of all vacuums cleaners is the same. They operate on power and suction levels and the unsung hero is the filter. You may look at a robotic vac and think it cannot possibly have the cleaning power of a unit with a larger motor. To some extent this is true, however the user of the vac may vary a great deal. On average, most people vacuum too quickly, therefore missing areas. The slower the vac, the better the overall result, even if the appliance doesn’t have a large wattage.

Be aware, a good robotic vacuum will be of similar expense to that of a traditional unit. Maybe it is something to put on the housewarming present list or the bridal registry.

If you are challenged for space in your home, a smaller vac may complement your area. They can be housed under beds, in laundries, many out of the way places. One of the reasons there is a build up of dust and dirt on the flooring area is that most people vac once a week. If you had a robotic unit, you could be using it daily which will help with this settling of dust in hard to reach places.

Dust mites and pet hair is one of the main contributors to allergies in the home. A daily vacuum regime will really help alleviate this.

Robotic vacuum cleaner feature options

Stair detection

Any good unit will have this feature. It will allow the unit to stop before it falls over a ledge.


Remotely, the unit senses when the battery is draining towards low and it sends itself back to the charging station. The better quality vacs, once fully charged will remember where they were up to and continue on.


If vacuum noise is a pain in your household, robotic vacs will alleviate this, they are far less noisy than traditional vacs.

Automatic programming

This will allow you to preset your vac for when you want it to start. Obviously, most people will set it for when they go to work or even when the household is asleep.

Virtual wall

The better vacs will have this option. It prevents it entering areas you would prefer to be left alone, perhaps an infants’ room if they are asleep.

Vacuum maintenance

To keep your vac in tip top condition you need to treat it well. You will need to empty the canister each time you use it. Because the unit is small, you will need to keep it as unclogged as possible so the suction power it does have, is used to its optimum. Check the filter regularly. It will be picking a up a lot of fine dust. This needs to be cleared out for the unit to work effectively.