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Pressure cookers aim to dramatically cut cooking time. It achieves this with extremely high steam pressure. The pressure builds up quickly and promotes the speedy cooking of the food.

The heightened pressure of the steam serves two purposes. It increases the boiling level of the liquid in the pot. On a stovetop you can only reach 212 degrees. Pressure cookers have a capacity of 250 degrees. If you have water incorporated in this temperature level of cooking, it penetrates the food with more liquid, increasing the foods’ succulence and tenderness. You do not need to spend a fortune on prime cuts of meat due to the liquid that is injected into the food. It is fine to use stewing meat as it loosens the meat and make it less tough.

Pressure cookers are also great for vegetables that are past their prime thanks to the increased liquid a pressure cooker emits.

The elevated temperature of a pressure cooker also increases its browning affect. It also gives the food a rich flavour.

Pressure cookers are really cost effective. They use less energy than say a slow cooker. It is a directional cooking system so it speeds up the cooking process to take a fraction of the time preparing the meal may take in an oven or slow cooker.