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Panel heaters are a sleek, stylish way to meet your heating needs. Panel heaters work on the premise of convection heating.

They radiate clean heat without sending it in the one direction. They are designed to heat an area evenly without any cool spots.

Sometimes, it is only a small room that needs warming. Perhaps the household heater doesn’t reach a certain area. For instance, you may just need some extra heat in your study or your bedroom. Panel heaters can be installed fixed to the wall or be portable. The job of panel heaters is to suck the cool air in, sending it through the unit for heating and pushing it back out into the room.

Panel heaters can be placed close to furniture but they need to have space for some air flow to circulate. They don’t have internal fans so are incredibly quiet. You actually wouldn’t even know when they are on. The safest thing about them is because they suck in the cold air they are cool to the touch. Very safe around little people.

This type of heating is very inexpensive to run as you set it to a certain temperature and it just cycles on and off without any further assistance. Good news for allergy sufferers is that because panel heaters generate a radiate heat, they don’t release dust into the atmosphere.

Portable panel heaters are can be moved and some are also sold with casters or they can be bought after market. This is a great option for renter who like to create their own heated environment.