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Single Oven

This is the most common oven seen in homes today. They vary from 60cm to 75 and 90 cm. With more of a focus on home cooked meals over recent times cooking shows have made the trust old household oven popular again.

Double Oven

For spacer purposes, double ovens are usually mounted on top of each other. Separate controls apply to the separate ovens. Double ovens are great for those that like to cook a lot of meals and desserts simultaneously. People that have large families and entertain a lot see the benefit from these types of configurations.

One and a half oven

This is similar to a double oven but does not take up as much space. The smaller oven won’t have as many functions as the larger one and traditionally will only have one shelf.

Separate Grill

Separate grills may not be used on a daily basis but when you need one there is really no alternative. If you do not want a separate grill or are trying to save on space, choose and oven with a top element. However, if you tend to brown off your food whilst continuing to cook in the oven, you will require a separate grill.

Convection Oven

These are a commonly used oven as almost everything we do in an oven is to affect a browning outcome. It encapsulates a heating element and to complete the browning effect, it has a fan that radiates the hot air assisting the food to complete the cooking process.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens work on the premise of moisture pumping into the food. This gives a steaming effect. Heat and steam creates the perfect environment to promote the natural tasty juices already in the food. The oven works with water filled catchments. They can slow cook, grill and bake. A great option to consider.


Pyrolytic means self-cleaning. The oven still does all the things a normal oven does but it has a function that allows the oven to heat up to 500 degrees which at this point turns any baked-on grime to ash which then falls to the bottom of the appliance. All you need to do is give the bottom of the oven a wipe to complete the cleaning process.

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