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Freestanding oven

A free standing oven is an oven that can be placed anywhere on the floor in your kitchen. In most cases, it comes with a cooktop to make it an all in one unit. It is essential you have an electrician wire the appliance in. The great advantage is that if you are building or renovating, you are not restricted in where you put it. These are a great alternative if you are short on space.

Built- in oven

A built in oven is an oven built into your cabinetry. This is an appliance you add at the time of building a house or renovating a kitchen. A built-in oven will be separate from the cooktop so if you are short on space this would not be your preference. You can custom build it to your height and make pulling out hot dishes and cooking vessels from the oven as user friendly as possible. For this reason, cleaning becomes easier as well. You can also see your food whilst it is cooking at eye level. Or, if you prefer more usable space you can put it underneath the bench. 85% of ovens sold these days are built in electric.


Things to consider when buying an oven

• How much space to I have?
• Will all my existing cookware fit in a different sized oven?
• Am I on mains gas?
• What methods do I use for cooking?
• Do I like cleaning my oven?
• Do I want gas/gas or electric/electric or a combination of both?
• I want to put my oven under my bench but I have children
• What colour is going to go with my décor?
• What features do I want in an oven?Is one oven better than the other?
- Which oven do I buy if I only have a small space?
- What sizes to ovens come in?
- Where can I see a great range of ovens?
- What is the most commonly bought oven?
- Are you renovating and don’t know which oven to buy?
- Has your oven died and it’s time for a new one?
- Who installs the oven?