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Massagers are often thought of as a gift idea but why not treat yourself?

Massagers come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a portable hand held body massager, a foot massager or a seat massager. Whichever way you go you will be in a state of relaxation within seconds.

Portable hand massagers allow you to target any problem area you wish to alleviate. With certain models, you can choose pressure and speed levels. Foot massagers are fantastic. Depending on the model you have you can place your feet on the vibrating pad to increase blood flow and relaxation or fill it with water and let your feet soak with a massage at the same time. Either way you can’t lose.

Chair massagers are a fantastic way to do two things at once. You can sit and watch tv in your favourite chair whilst the massager goes to work or you can sit at your desk working while being in a state of calm, having your pressure spots worked on. You can choose a specific area you wish the massaging points to target. Some models even have heating capabilities.