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There are few juicers that merely juice these days. They come with many variations and can be more of a healthy lifestyle assistant in your kitchen.

Today juicers are capable of creating soups, whizzing up healthy juices and mixing up dips with great combinations to please even the fussiest member of the home.

A sit down breakfast is often a luxury most of us don’t have time for these days. A quick blitz with some favourite fruits can have us out the door much quicker. They can even be prepared the night before, given a shake in the morning and they still have all their healthy properties.

It’s hard to come up with something new for the kids every day after school. Why not make up their favourite smoothies so they are ready to drink as soon as the hungry darlings pile in after school.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the required vege dose into every member of the household everyday. Juices are sweet so at least your will be getting some form of goodness into them without too much protest.

Some family members may struggle to eat breakfast. Juice and smoothies can be the alternative and will fill them up for longer. There are so many fantastic Summer fruits. Struggling to keep up the cutting up? Try juicing some different blends. You will be surprised what fruits complement each other.

Don’t know what to do with those fruits that are on the turn and the kids refuse to eat them? A quick blitz and no one will know the difference.

There are many different juicer versions. Citrus presses, double sieved units, nutribullets and various others.


What you need to know before buying a juicer

  • What are the purposes you think you will use the juicer for?
  • Will it be a benchtop appliance or do you have room to store it?
  • Do you only want to juice your fruits or are you happy to cut them up? Different juicers will allow different things so check their capability.
  • Is the juicer you are looking at easy to clean or is the time it will take put you off using it?
  • Juicing recipes are everywhere so try some combos.