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There are some significant differences between induction cooktops and ceramic cooktops. If energy consumption is a concern for you it is important to note a ceramic cooktop will chew more energy making it more expensive to run. An induction cooktop will be more expensive at the time of purchase but will be cost less to run, over time.

Ceramic cooktops

Ceramic cooktops have a series of coiled metal elements placed underneath tempered ceramic glass. This is the mode by which the heat is transferred to the cooktop. It emits heat to warm the ceramic surface which is then passed into your pots and pans. Once a temperature is chosen the cooktop will cycle on and off to maintain this heat.

Induction cooktops

Work on the science of magnetic force. Induction cooking has instant effect much the same as gas cooking. It will heat the pot quickly to your required temperature but doesn’t have the danger of a flame. Induction technology will heat the cooking vessel on the stovetop but will not heat the cooktop itself. This makes it very safe to use. Induction cooktop provide better temperature control than ceramic as the response is instantaneous. To use induction cooking you must have cast iron pots and pans. Factor this in when you are choosing your new cooktop as it will mean you will have to pay more if you do not already have the cookware.