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Induction cooking has a clean minimalist look with the instantaneous advantages of gas. Induction is a design winner. You can have an induction cooktop as a feature of the kitchen or the quiet achiever.

Induction cooking is a very safe alternative in the kitchen. Once turned off, the element is barely warm to touch. There is no flame so it is the perfect compromise between gas and electric cooking. Therefore, induction is really popular with families. No child will burn themselves on the elements.

It is also energy efficient. Its heat is directional so there is not wasted flame heating the sides of pots or heat that is set too high like on an electric stove.

Another plus for induction is that they only heat the pot that is connected to the element. They do not emit heat into the atmosphere and further heat the house on a hot day.

Induction cooktops require pots that conduct effectively. The most common material used it cast iron. You can use other version but check whether they are induction cooking compatible.

Other variations include scratch resistance, anti saucepan slip as well as finger print proof.