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Hair Drying and Straightening Buying Guide

Hair DryerWe have a great range of popular styling products. Here are some tips and advice to make your choice easier.

What kind of hair dryer is best?

Wattage is an important factor when buying a hairdryer, especially if you have course hair, or lots of it. More power in a hair dryer means it will dry your hair faster.

Tourmaline, ceramic and ionic are types of drying technology. A really good dryer will have all 3 technologies in it.

Ionic reduces water molecules much more quickly, in turn, drying your hair faster. It also assists moisture to penetrate the hair shaft so your hair can hold more hydration. Ions reverse the negative charged ions in your hair looks shinier and less frizzy.

Tourmaline has a gemstone coating that naturally emit negative ions and make hair shinier. Ceramic dryers have technology that assists the drying of hair on the inside and outside. The heat it releases is less damaging.

Which kind of straightener is best?

Ceramic plates do not concentrate the heat into one area of the plates. It is evenly spread minimizing risk of burning hair. Use full ceramic plates so there is not chipping of material.

Titanium plates heat up extremely quickly and transfer heat faster than ceramic. Used properly there is less chance for heat damage. If plates are left on the hair too long they can cause damage.

Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral used to coat the plates of a straightener. It promotes hair shine, straightness and minimizes frizz more than any other straightener.

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Tips when straightening your hair

Those of us who use any kind of heat on their hair must accept this creates damage. However, there are ways to dramatically minimize the harm.

• Apply a heat minimising spray or cream before drying or smoothing your hair

• Choose one day in the week that you regularly apply a treatment to your hair

• More wattage with straighteners is not necessarily better. 180 degrees is ample heat to straighten your hair. Anything above this and you risk damage.

• Apply a small amount, even a drop of oil, to the ends of your straightened hair. It will give it a lovely smooth, silky look. Of course, straighteners can also be used to curl hair or just add a kink or wave. All the same tips from above apply when doing this.