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Upright Freezer

Upright freezers come in convenient slim designs so it is easy to store them in a laundry or garage setting. Due to their shelving configuration, they are simple to load and unload. It is also easier to see what you have in the freezer. Some models come with drawers which is convenient as you can organise your food more easily. Most are frost free so less cleaning time.

Chest Freezer

Chest freezer are in more of a box shape and most are larger than any upright. They are generally more expensive to buy than uprights because they are larger. It will however pay for itself over time as you will be able to take advantage of bulk buys, saving you money because you have the storage area.

They also have insulated sized which increases their economic viability. They maintain a constant temperature level, therefore, costing less to run. They have enviable temperature retention so if a power outage occurs, the freezers will not lose its coolness for days.