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The world of fridges is now pretty exciting.  Especially if you are building or renovating and you can choose exactly the fridge you want because you can cut the hole to your own specifications.

Top mount

This is often an entry point fridge as it is inexpensive to buy. There are also lots of sizes and colours to choose from. They don’t cost much to run and will fit into pretty much all fridge cavities in most homes.

Bottom Mount

Bottom mount indicates the freezer is at the bottom. This makes complete sense considering we open the fridge around 20 times more than we open the freezer. All the food is at eye height and you are not bending over the see the contents of the crisper.

Side by Side

These fridges are quite large and require ample room in the kitchen to house them. They are a great option for people who like to freeze a lot of food or buy in bulk. The fridge space is less than a traditional size fridge and platters are not an option if you want to store food for entertaining purposes.  One great advantage is that they provide a great deal of storage in the doors.

French door

If you have the space, French door fridges are very practical and user friendly. They incorporate more space that a double door fridge and do not have a divide down the middle so great for storing platters or large dishes. Your freezer is double the size of a traditional freezer. It’s an entertainers’ dream and a large family’s storage prayers answered. To add to their functionality, some models have water dispensers and ice makers to complete the whole fridge wish list.