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French door fridges have given yet another size option to households trying to make the most of their fridge space. Not only do they look great, they can provide storage that few others can offer.

They offer more space than the old side x sides, which were once the rage for the bigger family. They come with added optional features such as ice makers and filtered water. The one thing this fridge offers is ample space for much larger dishes such as platters. Another bonus is there variable temperature areas. You can have different temperatures on different shelves.

Continuing with their versatility, French door fridges come with a bottom mount freezer. The width of this is again greater than other freezers attached to fridges. This will allow you to take advantage of bulk buying food to freeze, which makes the fridge more cost effective.

This may be your new choice of fridge but wait, have you measured the cavity in your kitchen when the fridge lives? You must also allow 3 cms around all edges of the fridge to allow for air flow.

A large family or serial entertainers would definitely benefit from the versatility of a French door fridge. Its size, its functionality, double the storage space within the doors. It is a very practical solution for the problem most of us have. Not enough fridge space.