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These little kitchen units can really change the way you cook and shop. They have many advantages.

• They allow you to purchase food in bulk saving both time and money.
• It also helps to stage items in the fridge or freezer as they are sealed to be air tight so there is no excess volume in the bag.
• They also stop the spread of bacteria which can occur when unsealed bags leak.  
• They allow you to defrost or seal just the right amount as opposed to having to defrost half of something to then put the other half back in the freezer risking food poisoning.
• They also promote portion control.
• Vacuum sealers preserve your food.

The purpose of vacuum sealing is that it draws all the excess oxygen and moisture out of the bag. This will allow your food to last 5 times longer. When you store items in the freezer, this slows down the process of oxidation. This is what cause food to be compromised. Vacuum sealing also prevents freezer burning and preserves the natural moisture in the food that is being stored.

Make sure when you purchase your vacuum sealer, that you purchase the bags to go with the machine.