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Life has become so busy for most households and the last thing you seem to have time for is vacuuming the floors.

A fantastic way to get kids involved and take the stress out of pulling out the big vacuum cleaner is investing in a cordless stick vac. There are many on the market and basically it all comes down to wattage. When it comes to cordless vacuum, don’t go for the cheapest option, you’ll be better off trying to sweep up the dirt with a shovel and brush.

Take some time, do some research, make the wattage level a main consideration followed swiftly by the running time.

A good guide is the time it takes to vacuum a 20 square home. It’s about 10 minutes so you can compare options when investigating running times. Make sure the fixtures and tools are of good quality. Stick vacs tend to get banged around a bit so they need to be able to handle it.

Cordless vacuums are nice and light and easily manoeuvrable. It is something that any child from the age of 8 should be able to master. It is a terrific way to promote kids getting involved in chores and delegating a job.

Cordless vacs traditionally have see through canisters. You will be amazed what you pick up day after day. Some people may think why would you have a large vac and a cordless stick vac. It is just a state of mind that allows you to pull out the stick vac more often and it doesn’t seem like the big effort the larger vac requires.