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Column heaters have been around a long time. They radiate heat to create a cosy environment. They were one of the first forms of domestic heating invented. Technology has created a cleaner, faster and more energy efficient version. 

These heaters have sections called fins. Electricity heats the oil in these areas. The heat then travels to the steel casting and generates the heat in the form of natural convection.

The added benefit of this mode of heating is the quietness. The unit is not fan assisted. They are designed to be mobile and can be easily moved. They are efficient if you want to heat bedrooms before going to bed and if you are a renter is will be cost efficient to have a heater that is portable.

Column heaters are the only heaters that are safe enough to have in a bathroom or an area where it may get a drop of water on it. It will not automatically shut down, go into safety mode or be damaged.

Features to look for in a good column heater:

• 1000 minimum
• Safety tip over switch
• Onboard cord storage
• Thermostat control
• Variable heat settings
• Castors