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Fan heaters

These units work best when heating a small area for a minimal amount of people. Their best points are that fan heaters are portable and instantaneous so they serve an immediate purpose.

These heaters have an internal coiled heating element. They push air over the element which moves hot warm air into the room. In most cases, fan heaters are powered by electricity. Fans heaters are generally very safe as they push hot air in an outward direction from the unit. Although it is important not to place anything in front of the unit otherwise this may ignite with directional sustained heat.

A lot of units have settings that allow you to decide what level of heat you want. Different models may come with thermostats so the temperature can be regulated without being manually changed.

We all like to be in a warm environment when we step out of the shower but be aware, bathrooms are not ideal places to have fan heaters running.

Ceramic heaters

Create heat by sending electricity through ceramic plates. The plates heat up and then the fan blows the hot air from the plates into the room. They are also portable.

Ceramic heaters have a greater level of safety than other options because they do not get so hot that pose a fire risk or burns hazard. The casing of the heating element is ceramic so there is no way it will produce sparks or present the possibility of igniting.

Most ceramic heaters have varied settings so can be another great portable option.


Consider your needs before choosing. Here are some questions that may help.

• What shape do you need? Tower, wall or pedestal
• Do you have a need for a remote control?
• Wattage – 1800 minimum
• What number of heat settings do you want?
• Safety thermal cut out
• Thermostat
• Oscillation
• Weight (for mobility purposes)
• Timer
• Tip over safety switch
• On/Off power indicator light