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 VS Sassoon's NEW Product! Curl Secret - The Curl Revolution  (17th October 2013)

VS Sassoon recently launched the very popular Curl Secret hair curler. The Curl Secret is suitable for use on Medium to VERY long hair and features 2 heat settings allowing you to adjust the temperature to best suit your hair.Use Curl Secret on multi-textured hair to even out the curls with no need to straighten first. Create celebrity style waves and curls on long fine hair with various curl types from mid-lengths to ends. Achieve long lasting salon style results even on heavy hair that tends to drop! Add shine to dull flat hair. The Curl Secret is so simple to use you don’t even need a mirror! Styling thick, coarse hair and curling the back becomes easy and effortless with the Curl Secret




Introducing the Kambrook Blitz2Go Blender  (3rd October 2013)

Kambrook recently launched the new Blitz2Go Blender, the Blitz2Go enables you to Blend and Drink Smoothies, Juices and Protein Shakes in the same Bottle. Great for Home or on the move, take the Blitz2Go Bottles to Work or the Gym and they even fit in most Car Cup Holders. 

The Stainless Steel Blades provide consistent Blending results including Icy Drinks, remove the Blade Holder and replace with durable Closeable Drinking Lids to sip on the go.

Includes 2 x 600ml and 1 x 300ml BPA FREE Triton Plastic Bottles.

The Kambrook Blitz2Go Blender, the most user friendly blender on the market today.


Nespresso - The Ultimate Coffee Experience  (23rd September 2013)

Billy Guyatts is proud to include the very popular Nespresso range of Pod Coffee Machines into its stable. 25 years ago, Nespresso pioneered coffee and patented an exclusive system for perfectly mastering the preparation process of an expresso, from the selection of the rarest coffee beans right through to the exquisite moment of tasting.

A perfect expresso is the fruit of a complex alchemy between coffee of an exceptional quality, freshness and water at a high pressure, which reveals its body, intensity and all the subtleties of its aromas.

Only the interaction between the original Nespresso capsule and the genuine Nespresso machine can guarantee the Nespresso in-cup quality. The Coffee, the Machine and the Nespresso Club are all inseparable components of an ingenious alliance, allowing you to discover, in the comfort of your own home, an unrivalled espresso, cup after cup.

Nespresso the Ultimate Coffee Experience.


Introducing the Blaupunkt range (30th July 2013)

Blaupunkt is the newest addition to the Billy Guyatts family. Offering a fantastic range of “value for money” products, Blaupunkt has been manufacturing consumer electronics for over 90 years.   

In 1923 - when radio broadcasting made its first sound in Germany – the "Ideal" company was founded in Berlin. It first produced headphones. Every single item was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a quality symbol – the blue point. And now available from Billy Guyatts