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These devices are an essential for new parents. They allow everyone to sleep soundly knowing that every breath, every movement and every cry can be heard. They help allay fears with respitory issues, ill children with raised temperatures, problems with bedding and any other instances that may occur when you put your little one down.

They are no longer just used for babies though. They have become an added advantage for carers looking after infirmed or aged family members, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The new pets are candidates as well. They assist owners in keeping an eye on what the new dog is chewing or what the new cat is scratching so they can tailor their discipline methods better.

So now we have pointed out many ways a baby monitor can assist in your home, but which one is suited to your needs?

The concerns and lack of sleep that come with a new baby are all encompassing so a microphone and/or camera in their room gives that extra piece of mind. There are many variations these days. You can choose a noise monitor with only one device or you can choose one with extra monitors so you can have one in the kitchen, the bedroom or loungeroom.

You can choose one with a camera to allow you to see what the baby is doing or whether they are cold because they have kicked off all their bedding.


Some of the models Billy Guyatts carry include features such as:

• Sound monitoring
• Portable indoor video camera
• Night vision
• Record and alarm feature
• Earphones
• Temperature display
• Zoom and pan capability
• Night light
• Camera
• Adjustable clamps for positioning
• Walkie talkie function
• Low battery alert
• Out of range alert
• Battery and mains power options
• Prices start from 45 dollars