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You may think airfryers are just another kitchen gadget but they are more than just a chip maker.

For most cooks the oven is the central place where it all happens so if you can create cooking space elsewhere this will allow for more room in the oven.

Something I really struggle to turn my oven on in the heat of Summer. The meal still has to be prepared though. We can try as hard as we like with shutting blinds and awnings to keep our house cool in Summer but what’s the good if we turn the oven on for half an hour or more in the evening?

This is where you are going to love your airfryer.

No oven required. You can cook in the airfryer, and not just chips. You can bake roasts, veges, fish, all sorts of things that will be a welcomed alternative to turning on your oven.

It is also a great healthy alternative as you only need 1 or 2 teaspoons or oil to affect your cooking.

The internal cooking cavity of the appliance is quite large however they do not take up much bench space. They are a serious cooking unit and some even come with multi layered shelving to cook several things at the same time.

One of the best advantages of an airfryer is, they do all the cooking for you. No need to stand at the stove or oven and turn chips, veges or fish or be concerned about oil splatter or burns. You can pre-program them as well as use the quick cook capability. They also have easy to clean surfaces. You can set your program and go do other things.

So it becomes very time efficient for the user and energy efficient for the house as it requires less energy than an oven and it will keep your house cooler because there are no emissions from the oven.


Here are some culinary ideas for your airfryer.

• Tempura anything (prawns, vegetable and meats).
• Fish and chips
• Croquettes
• Marinated meats
• Prawn crackers
• Dumplings
• Chicken tenderloins
• Doughnuts – yes, I said doughnuts

The beauty of airfryers is they are a set and forget product. You can set whatever you are cooking to the desired instructions and then go and do something else. It does all the work for you.

A win/win for both time and heat wastage from your oven and it keeps the oven clear for other cooking purposes.