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Choice of fans

Desk top

Desk top fans are best suited to smaller areas. They will give minimal relief in a bedroom and office setting.


Tower fans are a great space solutions for areas lacking in a large floor area. They are usually quiet so also ideal for the bedroom.


Pedestals are a large fan which have a circle type face on them and are generally used for bigger spaces. Different models have accessories including remote controls and variable settings.

Ceiling fan

This model fan is often found in homes affixed to the ceiling. They bring welcomed relief to bedroom on a hot evening. They are also used in conjunction with heaters. As we know, hot air rises, so they can better circulate air and push the hot air back down to make heaters more efficient.

Floor fans

These will cool a small area without taking up much space. They can be more inconspicuous that other portable fans and store easily.

Wall fans

Wall fans are suitable for anywhere that you require a fixed fan.

Air Conditioning Choices


As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of this unit is that it can be located anywhere you choose. It is an important consideration however, that portable units need to be vented outside, so you will need to have access to an open window to allow the unit to pump the hot air to the outside.


Box units are a quick fix to a cooling problem. They are mounted in a window or a wall cavity can be cut to the specific measurement. Box cooler allow cold air in and pump the warm air out. They are also an inexpensive alternative.

Split system

A split system unit consists of two parts. The head and the compressor. The head sits inside the home in the area you want to cool. The compressor is mounted on the outside of the home. This cooling option can provide great flexibility as you can run multiheads in the home to cool more areas.

Consult your air conditioning expert. They have standards equations to decipher which cooling systems best suits your needs and budget.


Are you renting?

Portable fans are a popular option with renters but you might find you are using a great deal of electricity to get a little fan to cool a wide area. Consider a portable air conditioner. It will be more expensive but again, it is portable. You can move it from the family room into the bedroom of a family member that finds it difficult to sleep in the heat. They are very versatile. You also get to take it to you next home.

Portable fans and air conditioners are also a great alternative for elderly people in the warmer months. They may be in a smaller dwelling and may not have had cooling before so it will be a welcome relief.